Dog N Style : New album, Pub’s Calling


unnamedDog’n’Style is a hybrid, made with a powerfull rock and stoner aspects. Colored by severals influences, Dog’N’Style develops a catchy Rock’n’Roll built for playing on stage. An energic and heavy music, always driven by mélodic aspects.

In three years, Dog’n’Style has given more than hundred gigs across France and foreign countries. The various tours have taken Dog’n’Style in Russia, in Spain and also in Luxemburg. Dog’n’Style has played with bands like No One is Innocent, The Casualties, Tagada Jones, Ultra Vomit or Burning Heads.

Today, Dog’n Style is back with a new album “Pub’s Calling. This one, more mature and more assumed, will be released early September 2016, date at which the band leaves on European roads to defend his new album.