The Negation reveals new video “A Prayer for those I will Have to Kill”


The NegationThe Negation offers a deep immersion into his characteristic universe, acted insolently towards and darkness, with his new video clip directed by Guilherme Henriques (Belphegor, Helheim…), after brutalized the audience since then touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Marduk, Belphegor, Inquosition, Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Arkona …

“A Prayer for those I will Have to Kill “comes from the second full-length opus, “Memento Mori”, back in July 2015 gathering rave comments from the worldwide medias such as “A relentless Black Metal assault that will not give you a break” [CvltNation] or “A prime example of what Black Metal was created to be” [Metal Temple], eventually getting selected #13 best 2015 album at the Lair of Filth, voted #5 best French Metal album of 2015 by France’s VS-Webzine readers, or chosen #4 best July

The Negation is not only a musical or lyrical concept: experiencing a The Negation show is like a deflagration that comes to shake your beliefs and your ground. It’s being forced to face yourself, the void of your own existence, the vain and hopeless meaning and achievements of your so-called will, the total absence of “why?” we all try to hide deep inside… in total Negation.