The Erkonauts stream album reissue and signed with Kaotoxin


The ErkonautsA few days after the CD and digital re-release of their debut full-length album “I did something bad”, Swiss punk-progressive-metallers The Erkonauts just inked a deal with Kaotoxin Records (6h33, The Lumberjack Feedback, Sources of I, The Negation, We All Die (Laughing)…) in order to hit the studio this summer for a new album expected for the second half of 2016. In the meantime the full album is available right now for free streaming on SoundCloud.

History of The Erkonauts

Founded in 2014, The Erkonauts are one of the most dynamic and hardworking metal bands out of Switzerland today. In many ways a supergroup with former members of Djizoes:, Sybreed and 7-tone, The Erkonauts strive to pack kick-ass modern power, execution and production with subtle vintage tones and a musical taste that encompasses genres as diverse as metal, rock, punk and progressive.

The Erkonauts released their first album “I Did Something Bad” in the summer 2014, and immediately went on a tour of the US west coast. A few months later, the band toured in Eastern Asia (China, Taïwan) before to conquer the Europe territory.