Iron Bastards unleashed brand new songs


A few days after having unveiled the artwork of their debut full-length album, called ‘Boogie woogie violence’ and coming out on September 11th 2015. French Fast Rock’n’roll power trio Iron Bastards unleashed two audio extracts from this upcoming effort which will contain 15 songs + 3 live recordings of hi-energy rock roll vibes with 70’s influences. The album will come in CD and digital formats in order to kick some asses on the road, on stage or anywhere.

Old school Rock with a modern view : The Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock’n’roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed ! Founded in 2013, the band played fast from its beginning but also work fast and released its two first records in 2014 (‘Boogie woogie sessions’ and ‘Wasteland’) before to begin to work on a full-length album. After playing tons of high-energy gigs, Iron Bastards release “Boogie woogie violence” in 2015.

For fans of Motörhead, Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock….