New Velvet Revolver album with Corey Taylor (Slipknot)?


Slash has revisited the longstanding rumor Corey Taylor was the vocalist who came “closest” to replacing Scott Weiland in Velvet Revolver.


In a recent interview Slash confirmed that Taylor recorded as many as 10 songs with Velvet Revolver: “Corey came in, just like a lot of other guys came in. Of course, Corey’s Corey, and he’s probably one of the best guys out there. I love Corey. I just thought it was a different style than what Velvet Revolver was trying to capture. But, still, the songs are cool. But if we were gonna do anything with that, they would have to be re-recorded and… ‘Cause, I mean, it was very raw and very, sort of, ‘making it up on the spot’ kind of deal. And so we’d have to revisit everything and then we’d put it together, I think. But that’s not really a plan. I’m just saying if it was… I don’t wanna get any ideas in anybody’s head. That would be the only way that it could be released, [and] I’m not saying that it’s going to.”

About the current status of Velvet Revolver. He said: “Well, it’s an active project, let’s put it that way. It’s been a matter of trying to find the right guy to front that unit, which is difficult, because, as we move down the road in the millennium, the style of rock singers is changing a lot. And I think that with the musical vision that Duff [MacKagan, bass] and Matt [Sorum, drums] and Dave [Kushner, guitar] and I have for Velvet Revolver don’t really cater to the sort of stylistic vocals that are happening as we move down the road from, I think, it was 2008, was the last thing we did — 2008 up until the present. I mean, I was really fortunate to find Myles [Kennedy for my solo band], and it was really a great thing that we just sort of locked in. But, yeah, trying to find a really genuine, honest rock and roll singer is getting few and far between.”