Valleys Introduces Album Concept


ValleysModern progressive metal group Valleys are set to release their debut full-length conceptalbum, Experiment One: Asylum, on February 12, 2016. The album illustrates the main character, Asylum, in his tumultuous fight with Multiple-Personality Disorder. Each track depicts Asylum’s returning struggle with a different personality.

Last month, Valleys introduced Asylum to the world via their track “Finding Solace”, which depicted the character’s struggle with overcoming his disorder. But how does the story begin?

Today, Valleys have revealed their brand new short film/music video for the track “The Death of Me”, which details the beginning of Asylum’s decent into madness – with the tragic death of his wife and unborn child by the hand of a home intruder.

“This track acts like a prequel to the entire story of this record, which is pretty ironic since this is the last song on the album,” states guitarist Brandon Scurlark. “The instrumentals follow the rise and fall of Asylum throughout the track. The more melodic parts represent the ups and the good times, where the heavier chaotic parts and as well as the breakdown represent the fall of Asylum and his succumbing to the disease.”

Vocalist Jayson Mitchell adds, “We focused the video around the Asylum family and kept the camera away from us in the band. With us staying in the background, it gave the image of us being the different personalities, waiting to take over almost like a foreshadowing or a dream.”

The entire video was filmed by Jaiden Frost of Jaiden Frost Presents over the course of just 15 hours.