Sludge Metal Masters Sourvein Premiere Commanding New Track ‘Aquanaut’


unnamed (1)Last month, it was announced that decade-spanning doom/sludge metal vets SOURVEIN would be back with their long-awaited Metal Blade Records debut, Aquatic Occult. Featuring guest performances by Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe (vocals, organ), Amebix’s Stig Miller (guitar), Corrosion of Conformity’s Reed Mullin (drums) and many others, the album is described by frontman T-Roy as the record he wanted to make at a time when his life was at its bleakest.

Scheduled to hit stores on April 8, 2016, Aquatic Occult isn’t just an album about trudging through the depths of a dangerous, mythological underwater world inspired by T-Roy’s home surroundings of Cape Fear, NC – it’s an unforgiving sonic pummeling that has followed years of pain prevailed. A powerful Aquatic Occult cut that truly encompasses both theme and inspiration, ‘Aquanaut’, is available for streaming now via MetalSucks. Listen here:

‘Aquanaut’ also features some friends of T-Roy’s – performing lead guitar on the track is Dean Berry, formerly of English sludge metal vets Iron Monkey. In addition, Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin of sludge metal outfit Subrig Destroyer provide drums and additional rhythm guitar, respectively. They join SOURVEIN mainstays Kevin Rochelle (Sea of Tyrants) on guitar, Lou Gorra on bass, and of course, T-Roy on vocals.

“‘Aquanaut’ is a fun tune, it was a main riff I had for a while it turned out cool on tape,” states frontman T-Roy. “It’s about being underwater, descending to the depths, looking for a sunken ship and finding your way back. I had Dean Berry from Iron Monkey do the lead guitar – he killed it, as did the other guests on this track – the Subrig Destroyer guys Chris and Joel from Athens, GA. Hope everyone digs the track!”

Aquatic Occult is produced by Mike Dean and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Yob).

Aquatic Occult tracklisting:
1. Tempest (Of Desire) (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix)
2. Avian Dawn
3. Ocypuss (feat. Randy Blythe-Lamb of God, Mike Dean-Corrosion of Conformity)
4. Aquanaut (feat. Dean Berry-Iron Monkey), Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
5. Hymn to Poseidon
6. Mermaids
7. Urchins (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
8. In the Wind
9. Cape Fearian (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up, Randy Blythe spoken word-Lamb of God)
10. Capsized (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up)
11. High Tide (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
12. Bermuda Sundown (feat. Keith Kirkum-ex Weedeater)
13. Coral Bones
14. Oceanic Procession (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix, Randy Blythe on organ-Lamb of God)