The Electric Helfire Club and Coven members unite and release new song


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Satanic metal juggernaut created and fronted by Ricktor Ravensbrück (The Electric Helfire Club) namely Wolfpack 44 are unveiling a new song from their debut album ‘The Scourge’ which release is due to the end of this month on Deadlight Entertainment record label. The song is ‘To the Devil a Daughter’ and features occult rock legends Coven singer Jinx Dawson on vocals.

Ravensbrück about the collaboration: “As a Coven fan since high school, it was a surreal experience first meeting, then working with someone I’d idolized forever. I mean, we are talking about the First Lady of occult rock here! But Jinx is an amazing and sweet person, and we’ve since become fast friends. And I absolutely love the versions that she released on her album, Jinx, and it has been an absolute honor for me!”

Aside from Jinx Dawson other guests featuring on the album are Dark Funeral guitarists Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol, Reverend Thomas Thorn (The Electric Helfire Club), Dana Duffey (Demonic Christ), Philipp Fasciana (Malevolent Creation).