Mongolian Folk Metal Group Tengger Cavalry Reveals New Music Video


unnamed (5)Mongolian folk metal group Tengger Cavalry released their new Mountain Side EP, which can be ordered here. Today, the band is revealing a brand new music video for the title track “Mountain Side”, which features live performance footage- psychedelic style. Frontman Nature Ganganbaigal states, “This is our very first music video and it really represents the band’s musical and cultural ideas behind the scene!

The “Mountain Side” video is actually directed by Uljmuren, Tengger Cavalry’s morin khuur player, who has an extensive television background in his native China. Ganganbaigal adds, “Before Uljmuren came to the US, he was a TV show and film director in Inner Mongolia in China. He participated in more than 200 episodes of TV show production. His TV show was very popular among the Mongolian community in China. The show discussed controversial conflicts between modern society and nomadic life. He also went to professional music school in Beijing and participated in multiple rock/metal bands.”

Tengger Cavalry was recently awarded a Bronze Medal for “Mountain Side” as part of the Global Music Awards. The Mountain Side EP features re-orchestrated versions of popular Tengger Cavalry tracks, as well as completely new music accented by acoustic, instrumental and remix versions. The EP also features bonus live tracks and folk recordings. In particular, the re-recording of the band’s already popular track “War Horse” still features the traditional Mongolian throat-singing that Tengger Cavalry is known for, but has now been completely re-composed and re-recorded to include influences such as Mongolian traditional folk, Native American tribal music, and cinematic film landscapes.