German Rock / Pop starlet Cate Rox to release her debut album ‘Mind Vs. Heart’


Cate RoxSince childhood, the German native Cate Rox had a deep passion and that was to become a professional singer. To fulfill that sole purpose, Rox worked hard, with utter determination, to reach her goal by issuing homemade video clips of her material. This coming month, Rox’s efforts will be publicly released in the image of a debut album bearing the name “Mind Vs. Heart”.

Applying the catchy forms of a mixture of Pop and Rock genres, “Mind Vs. Heart” to be released via Into The LimeLight Records; is a smooth sailing trip into Rox’s mind set. Her purpose to rock, while also drifting through deeper emotions within the lyrics and vocals, prove how strong Rox’s musical nature truly is.

The album is mixed and mastered by Jack Nobelen at Jack’s Place.Belgium.