Jamie-Lee Smit’s official video ‘Revivre’ out now


unnamed (10)Jamie-Lee was born April 26, 1993 in Anderlecht (Municipality of Brussels / Belgium). Enrolled in a school of singing and dancing, she is in 2002 on stage for several representations of The History of Musicals. From 2002 to 2006, through various schools and troops, she will connect the performances combining singing and dancing to the musical Big Bang Blues, where she landed a leading role, which will lead to the realization of a CD. In the process, she became the singer’s of her first rock band: Band in the Blue Box. It was at this time that everything shakes: discover the genre Rock Metal, participation at Noella Love Concert where she sang with the cast of Big Bang Blues, and her rock band, duo with a young American singer. It is also at this concert she was noticed by the band Skeptical Minds. The chrysalis becomes a butterfly.

In less than a year, she goes from standard and wise repertoire of French song to metal hard rock in English. Jamie-Lee wrote the story of her first album Azylya a time guard in her drawers and becomes singer of Skeptical Minds (Rock Indus). At this time she shall singing lessons with an American guy based in Brussels, Gyle Waddy, jazz singer, pop …, dancer and actor with whom she takes great pleasure. Gyle Waddy has rubbed the largest since starred in the film “The Wiz” with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. Then everything accelerates. After Skeptical Minds, she became the lead singer of Sad Siberia a group with which she starts to run on big stages like Raismesfest (Fr). She later joined the Metal Electro group Aedden of which she is the melodic singer abd finally, in 2009, she creates her own metal band (melodic) Azylya.

2011 – Release of the first EP of the group and personal participation in the Road of Consciousness Project. The Azylya group is spotted on the Internet by an italian studio (RealSound) and in 2011 the band signed with the italian label WormHoledeath. Released in 2013 of the CD Sweet Cerebral Destruction. During this time, Azylya string of concerts in Belgium and abroad FR / UK / GR / CH and holds, among others, the scenes of the Metal Female Voices Fest (BE), PPMFest (BE), Symphony Metal Fest ( CH) or that of the Dames of Darkness ( UK). In 2014, Jamie-Lee signed with the label Epictronic and records at the Titan Lab Studio (IT) CD (Indie Rock) composed by Ricky Dagga with 7 French titles and 3 English titles. She wrote all the lyrics. They talk about personal concerns and highlight her concerns and struggles of life. Today, Jamie-Lee divides her time between concerts, modeling and writing her new album for Azylya.