My Iron Lung to release new album ‘Learn to Leave’


My Iron Lung San Diego rock band My Iron Lung will release their sophomore album, ‘Learn To Leave’, on August 5th with Pure Noise Records. Since My Iron Lung’s 2014, debut record, ‘Relief’, the band has continued to grow their sound and audience, and has become one of the underground’s most celebrated, up-and-coming post-hardcore acts. As they begin their next chapter with ‘Learn To Leave’, the band showcases talent and creativity for songwriting that continues their evolution and will solidify them among the scene’s elite acts.

“’Learn to Leave’ was a record that was approached, written and recorded differently to any other release we have done,” says guitarist Anays Torres, “While still holding onto the essence of the band we branched out in ways that were new and exciting for us.”

Vocalist and guitarist Matt Fitzpatrick adds, “The title is a reminder that you’re not stuck in one place in life and you are free to leave for something better at any time.”

My Iron Lung – Learn To Leave tracklist:

unnamed (4)1. In Hiding
2. Learn To Leave
3. Damage
4. The Same House
5. Somnium
6. A Reason to Worry
7. Mend
8. Sleep Cycle Blues
9. When Tragedy Strikes
10. Anchorage
11. Certainty