Experienced?!? disturbs the establishment


Experienced?!?With ‘The Devil in Me’ Experienced?!? is delivering more than an old fashioned rock album. This release is a musical statement. The band has quashed the establishment of nice and well designed rock acts. Front man Wim d’Hondt: “Every generation has the right to experience adrenaline pumping bad ass rock music After the Sex Pistols in the seventies, Guns n’ Roses in the eighties and Rammstein in the nineties shook everyone awake it went quiet for a long time. We feel obligated to disturb the established order”.
Screaming Guitars
Experienced?!? delivers a phenomenal sound.  The screaming guitars and angry bass riffs on ‘The Devil in Me’ reminds you of bands like Motörhead and AC/DC. Besides heavy thrash metal and punk influences we also find strings in a ballad build up from sorrow to rage. Like Ray Cokes said about the band: “If you have testosterone, you must love this.” But Experienced?!? is not hammering down as if there is no tomorrow, The band worked for a year on ‘The Devil in Me’. This is a technical rock solid album and is musically very tight, The many different musical influences make the songs divers and keep the album interesting.

Sex, drugs, Rock n’ Roll
In ‘The Devil in Me’  Experienced?!? takes you to the abyss of sex, drugs, treason and booze. The highs and lows of the self side of life are passing by. The question marks behind Experienced?!? are absolutely obsolete regarding to this. But the experience will not lead to a edifying message. ‘The Devil in Me’ is not the story about the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s all about getting fucked up in the tunnel but always recover/ D’Hondt. “We do not tell people what to do, But we won’t let others tell us either.  We say what we think, create what we want and do not confirm to the establishment. We rather be honest than adjusted.”

Meet the devil
Music and band members stirred up some serious dust when they disturb the order in Belgium’s Got Talent (where the singer climbed on the jury desk) and on Malaysian television (guitar play with bare buttocks). This last thing was not much appreciated by the Malaysian authorities but the public loved it. Experienced?!? does not just play rock music. They live it. And hat is what you feel when you see them play live. At their gigs you meet the devil from the title song of the new album. We play on the cutting edge and the edge of the abyss.That keeps us on edge and the audience will notice that. The topless porno actress. bottle of Jack Daniels and the unbridled energy we bring to our audience stir up a lot of emotions with friend and foe.”