Symphonic Hard Rock Heart Avail Release Self-Titled EP


HEART AVAILWhat first began as an online correspondence in 2008 between guitarist Greg Hanson and vocalist Aleisha Simpson has lead to the inception of symphonic hard rockers Heart Avail. Joined by Mick Barnes on bass and Seamus Gleason on drums, the Spokane, WA based band is proud to release their debut self titled EP via Milagro Records, out now as of December 9th.

‘I am really excited about our new EP. I feel like we really put our heart and soul into every song and hope that our listeners feel the same way. Every song is unique and different in its own way and really shows off what the band is capable of. I think our fans won’t be disappointed in what they hear!” comments vocalist Aleisha Simpson.

The five track release is inspired by the loss of loved ones and written essentially as a therapy session with painful lyrics to relate to those with similar experiences. The band’s influences like Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation are heard in each aspect of the music from the vocals to the drums.

1. Broken Fairytale (5:49)
2. Vacillation (3:59)
3. Always (7:05)
4. No Remorse (6:16)
5. Pink Lace (5:40)
EP Length: 44:15