Hexa Mera To Release ‘Enlightenment’ In March


Hexa MeraBelgian modern melodic death metallers Hexa Mera will release their second full-length album, “Enlightenment”, on March 31st. The album was recorded at Empyrean Studio, mixed at OceanSide Studio by Ace Zec (Spoil Engine, Diablo BLVD.) and mastered at Fascination Street Studios By Jens Bogren (Amon Amath, Opeth, Soilwork).

Hexa Mera

The band has the following to say about “Enlightenment”: “The idea to use the age of enlightenment as theme for this album was forged right after we released our debut album ‘Human Entropy’. The world was and still is spinning out of control: Extremists became a larger threat to our civilization, human and animal rights are being violated, political correctness is censoring the truth, media focusing on sales instead of news value, and so much more… the world never was an utopic place, but with the information we got, it seemed to become worse. We felt fear, disappointment, but most of all, we felt anger. Because we felt powerless, the only thing we could do was to speak out, and this is exactly what this album is about.”

Hexa Mera is simultaneously revealing the tracklist of “Enlightenment”:

Hexa Mera1. Empyrean
2. Anthropic Principle
3. Inhuman
4. Divide et Impera
5. Brotherhood
6. Dare to Know
7. Union
8. Archetype of Hate
9. Godless
10. This Bleeding
11. Enlightenment