New Guitarist for Cirrha Niva


Cirrha Niva
Pic by Ingeborg Steenhorst
Dutch progressive metal band Cirrha Niva, is pleased to officially announce Dennis van Bussel as their new guitarist. “Dennis was one of many guitarists who applied for the job. His enthusiasm and cheerfulness however convinced us instantly, leaving all competition behind. Needless to say that Dennis is an outstanding guitarist that fit the band perfectly.”

Dennis, who in the recent past formed a band with ex-Cirrha Niva singer Arnold Kloek, wrote a few welcome words. “Hi everyone, recently I joined the Dutch progressive metalband Cirrha Niva as their new guitarist (axeman) and taking over Carlo’s duties. We blasted off my first gig last weekend at Pop-Ei in Eindhoven (18th March). I am looking forward for writing and composing new songs for the next albums and to perform with these guys live on stage. So, I’d love to meet you, fans and friends, somewhere down the road. Cheers, Dennis van Bussel.”

Dennis replaces guitarist Carlo who recently left the band for the second time after first 7 and then 5 years of shredding and rockin’. “We wish Carlo all the best in his future musical career and thank him for his input over the years. For now we are eager to promote our latest album “Out Of The Freakshow,” with Dennis on stage left!”