Candybar Planet – Candybar Planet EP (reissue)


WHITE_COVER_frontOriginally hailing from 2000, when Candybar Planet’s selftitled EP was released as a five track EP it has now been expanded to seven tracks, with the two additional ones being previously unreleased tracks from the same era. Musically the EP features some of the fuzzier, more rock orientated tracks from the bands works. The first pressing is limited to 300 copies only, equally spread over three different colors of vinyl. (Clear, Cokebottle Blue and White.)

This release is on 12″ vinyl is a real piece of art. The seven tracks of music can be found on one side of the record with the artwork being silk screened onto the other side. The record comes in a die-cut cover to show the artwork and comes with a download card to download the tracks onto your digital device of choice.

Candybar Planet is a band from Rockcity Eindhoven, the Netherlands (Known for Peter Pan Speedrock as well) renowned for their groundbreaking music from 1994 to 2002, as founding member of Eindhoven Rockcity and spearheading the stoner/heavy rock music movement in Europe. The band consists of Murphy van Oijen guitar/samples, Richard Plukker vocals/bass and Koen Rijnbeek drums.

Their music can be summed up as heavy rock, rooted in the nineties with sounds branching well into this century; girls will love to dance to the beat, boys will love the powerriffs and spacey sounds.
Candybar Planet released their latest full album Timelapse on Lighttown Fidelity Records in 2013 and has been playing in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands since then, notably at Roadburn, Paaspop, Scumbash, Speedfest and numerous club shows. With two aditional tracks the ‘Candybar Planet EP’ even is better than before. ‘On and On’ en ‘Que One’ are tracks from the same ara of the original EP and are in the style of Queen of the Stone Age. Candybar Planet is back on track with the reissue of this great EP, which is no punishment! (7,5/10) (Lighttown Fidelity)