Pop-punk band Handgun shows new song ‘Low Spirits’


HANDGUNSPop-punk Handguns has seen their fair share of turmoil in their seven-year career (their list of ex-members is longer than Frank Costanza’s list of grievances on Festivus), but no matter who has come or gone in their line-up, the band’s spirit has remained strong, and their flame still burns on their new album “Disenchanted”. The album is a speedy blend of early Blink-182 with more modern pop-punk along the lines of the Story So Far – and if you don’t believe us, just press “play” on “Low Spirits”.

Frontman Taylor Eby elaborates “My outlook on life last year was very bleak which led me to become this pessimistic person. I felt like any answer I had to any question was very negative and I was always thinking of the worst case scenario. My girlfriend at the time kept telling me I had a chip on my shoulder that I couldn’t get rid of. This song is about giving into negative thinking and how it can affect the people around you”.

Handguns’ “Disenchanted” will be released November 13th via Pure Noise Records.