Swiss heavy-rock/stoner power-trio Hey Satan announced first album


unnamed-13Including some musicians from Swiss cult bands such as Shovel or Houston Swing Engine, Hey Satan (heavy-rock/stoner power-trio) just announced the released of its debut full-length album recorded by Serge Morratel @ Rec Studio (Cortez, Knut, Shora, Year Of No Light) and planned for a physical LP / Digital release on January 28th 2017 through Cold Smoke Records (Devon, Lilium Sova, Ogmasun). In the meantime, the band just unveiled 3 kick-assed singles from this upcoming effort.

Formed by longtime friends Fran├žois, Laurent and Frank (formerly from Shovel and Houston Swing Engine), Hey Satan provides heavy beats, groovy riffs and mean lyrics, with some royal influences (Led Zeppelin, RATM, Kyuss etc.). The band has entered Rec Studios, Geneva, to cut its first LP. The 10-tracks baby boy will be released in January 2017 on swiss label Cold Smoke Records. Be sure that the loveable boys know how to rock this shit live -just ask Hummus Booking if any doubt.

Two fierce guitars and one drums, pure rock’n’roll pleasure, body and soul : Hey Satan is back in town and ready to rumble.