The Used announce European tour


In celebration of their fifteen-year anniversary, The Used will be hitting the road for a European tour from February 2016! The band will be playing two shows per city, performing Self-Titled and ‘In Love and Death’ in their entirety, plus more each evening. The European tour will kick off on February 26th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and wrap on March 10th in Helsinki, Finland. With each online ticket purchase, fans will get a digital copy of the band’s upcoming release, “Live and Acoustic at The Palace”.

The UsedFifteen years ago, four teenagers from Utah created a band and released a collection of albums that shaped the space of the alternative rock scene. High energy live shows, gut wrenching relatable lyrics, and melodies that blended pop sensibility and hard rock was the perfect combination to make an everlasting impression on fans globally.

Since forming in Orem, Utah in 2001, The Used have released 6 albums and 2 EPs – The Used (2002), In Love and Death (2004), Lies for the Liars (2007), Shallow Believer EP (2008), Artwork (2009), Vulnerable (2012), The Ocean of the Sky EP (2013), and Imaginary Enemy (2013).

The Used’s latest LP Imaginary Enemy put the band’s political frustrations and commitment to social change at its forefront and has opened up the platform for conversation among fans and critics alike. The album climbed high on the Independent, Tastemaker Albums, Hard Rock, Alternative, Digital Albums and Top Rock charts.

In addition to the upcoming tour, The Used has announced ‘Live and Acoustic at The Palace’, a live CD/DVD, set to release April 1st, 2016. This album was recorded at the band’s intimate unplugged storyteller performance, which took place at The Palace Theater in Los Angeles last month. Fans who were unable to attend the once in a lifetime performance will have a chance to watch the band perform in a way they have never performed before – with a 4-piece string quartet and harpist (arranged by Hiro Goto), a piano player, percussion and a 3-piece gospel choir.

About Live and Acoustic at The Palace, lead singer Bert McCracken shared “I think we really captured the night perfectly and listening back to the mixes it reminded me how music can allow us to be children once again and once you open yourself up to that emotion it’s like a virus, it’s contagious.” He continued, “Nearly every eye in the venue was weepy the night we played with the orchestra because these songs are so emotional and this recording is a truly special thing that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. It still gives me goose bumps.”

In order to fully recontextualize these songs, the group worked with Hiro Goto on the strings and harp. Together, they arranged the various musical elements and helped the band bring out dimensions in these songs that they didn’t even know existed. “The whole time we were making this I couldn’t believe it was happening,” McCracken explains, adding that 3 gospel singers and instruments like the harp helped these songs take on an entirely different emotional resonance than the post-hardcore, guitar-driven dynamics that initially propelled them. “I’m so proud of this band for working hard to pull this off and at same time I feel like this is what we deserve because we worked so hard to get here that it felt like a victory lap in a lot of ways.”

Upcoming Tour Dates The Used:

February 26 DYNAMO Eindhoven, NL
February 27 DYNAMO Eindhoven, NL
February 29 STOLLWERCK Cologne, DE
March 1 STOLLWERCK Cologne, DE
March 3 KNUST Hamburg, DE
March 4 KNUST Hamburg, DE
March 6 KLUBBEN Stockholm, SE
March 7 KLUBBEN Stockholm, SE
March 9 TAVASTIA Helsinki, FI
March 10 TAVASTIA Helsinki, FI