Finnish Black Metal act Cavus vocalist calls it quits


WFinnish Black Metal act Cavus vocalist W calls it quits due to musical differences. Cavus, that gained notoriety after their self titled EP and debut album ”Fester and Putrefy”, ended up in a creative dispute that resolved with founding member and vocalist W departing from the band. Cavus will continue with the remaining members, but now without the support of their french record label Listenable Records or their management company The Damager. Cavus toured excessively with some of the grandest names in Black Metal after their last album release in 2010, namely bands like Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Behexen, Taake and Carpathian Forest.

W is also known as the vocalist of the Finnish avant-garde metal band Woland, who is also currently in the studio recording for Norwegian label Indie Recordings.

As some of you have noticed, our sophomore album has now been delayed on several occasions. The first recordings for this album started as early as in 2012, but the outcome was not the best due to accidents like our drummer falling down from a roof on the first day etc, so we collectively decided to re-record the whole album. A year or so later, the attempts to put the songs together were not, in my personal opinion, any better. Our preferences and differences in the musical direction and method of delivery were simply just too far apart from each other.

This led to that I didn’t want to contribute to the existing recordings and did not want them to be released, so things were forced in to a standstill. A thing I take full responsibility for. Now after a recent discussion with the rest of the band members, our management and our record label, I’m now wish to inform you that I’m stepping aside from my duties as the vocalist of Cavus. With this leave, the band will also departure from our label Listenable records and our management company The Damager.

The remaining 4 members will continue the band under the name of Cavus, while I will continue my work under a new name that shall be revealed at a later point in time.

Thank you for your support.