Catch Fire release debut EP “The Distance I Am From You”


unnamedReleased today via Rude Records “The Distance I Am From You” is Catch Fire’s bouncy debut. A posi pop-punk proposition formed earlier this year from the ashes of local heroes, Layby, guitarist Tim Bell declares enthusiastically: “We have a burning desire to write and play music. It’s really as simple as that. I don’t think any of us can see ourselves doing anything other than this”.

The good news is, with their debut EP “The Distance I Am From You” boasting bangers as infectious as lead single and future floor filler “Bad Behaviour” and the soaring, emo-tinged “Anaesthetic”, it’s not likely that the lads of Catch Fire (rounded off by vocalist Miles Kent, guitarist/vocalist Neal Arkley, drummer Ash Wain and bassist Joseph Ryan Askew) will need to consider doing anything else, anytime soon.

We would be remiss to not highlight that the Notts quintet do not take their name from The Hunger Games franchise. No, that would be daft. Rather, their moniker was inspired by guitarist Neal Arkley and his, ahem, hair colour. “Neal is ginger, and there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t verbally assault him for it” says Tim “Neal walked into practice one day, and Ash said “Neal, I think your head’s caught fire”. That’s it. Band name sorted”. Dubious nomenclature aside, Catch Fire are primed for an explosive year, with The Distance I Am From You the ideal incendiary device.

Catch Fire ‘The Distance I Am From You’ Tracklist:
01. Introspective Pt I
02. Bad Behaviour
03. Anaesthetic
04. Introspective Pt II