Invictius presents Deathcult’s ‘Demo ’12’


DeathcultInvictus Productions is proud to present a CD version of the debut demo of Switzerland’s Deathcult, ‘Demo ’12’. Just like it’s titled, ‘Demo ’12’ was originally released in 2012 on cassette by Invictus and introduced this death metal quartet to the international scene. Even early on, Deathcult brimmed with a potent fire that betrayed the fact that this was the band’s first public recording. Its signposts were rooted in the classics – early Morbid Angel, Possessed, and Necrovore, among others – but the filth ‘n’ fury Deathcult conjured up whilst locking onto a memorable hook suggested that something special was indeed brewing. The band would release an EP a couple years later and are currently working on a full-length, while vocalist/guitarist Ketzer has since left to focus on Böltzer, but the spirit of ‘Demo ’12’ shines malevolently still. For this CD edition, a special bonus track has been included.