New album for Cirrha Niva


Cirrha NivaDutch Cirrha Niva finally releases a new album, ‘Out Of The Freakshow’. On ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ Cirrha Niva welcomes some very talented guest musicians. Drummer and interim bandmember Nathanael Taekema (Thomas Zwijsen) did the band a huge favour by creating and playing all drumtracks on the album. Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves adds depth to ‘Just Another Legacy’ with his poignant vocals and flute, and singer Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories) takes ‘Afraid To Bleed’ to a breathtaking climax. Under supervision of Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever), keyboardist Erik van Ittersum (Theater Equation) adds spheric elements to the album using piano, Hammond organ, strings and soundscapes. And finally, the mysterious Mr. Gold, speaks as The Ringmaster in the opening song ‘I Guess’.

Cirrha Niva about ‘Out Of The Freakshow’:

Cirrha Niva-singer Legrand: “Like the saying goes: ‘out of the furnace, into the fire’. After escaping your worst nightmare you find yourself in one that’s even worse. That’s what ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ is all about: getting out of whatever you want to get out of, but beware of the alternative. For we all have a freak inside of us that’s waiting for the right opportunity to get out, maybe the dirty lies of the ‘Silver Tongues’, or the seconds, minutes and hours that ‘Time’ hits. Ah, you don’t have a freak hiding in the shadows? You only do good, and jealousy and envy are just words you know by looking at things ‘From Ego’s point of view? Well my friend, you are ‘Just Another Legacy’ waiting to happen and with your dying breath you will wish you’d have gotten ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’.”