Levinia present new drummer


unnamed (4)Levania are proud to announce their new drummer Markus! The band stated: “We can proudly announce our new drummer! He is Markus, and with his addition to the band, Levania is yet again complete!! Expect magnificent things from us soon!! Thanks to him, we have begun again our live activity!”

Markus passion for playing drums begins at 4 age and soon after his parents gave him his first drum kit. He began to study with private teachers like Riccardo Merlini. Meanwhile he studied and still studying at the conservatory “F. Venezze” of Rovigo where he learned to write, learn and study music, as well as other percussion instruments such as marimba, xylophone, timpani and glockespielt. Markus also studied with drummers International: Mike Mangini (Dream Theater), Thomas Lang (Stork) and Virgil Donati learning specific techniques and also improving speed and accuracy.