Emo/Post-Rockers Winter Dust share new album for Free Download


Winter DustA few months after its limited-release, new full-length album ‘Thresholds’ by Italian Emo/Post-Rockers Winter Dust is up again for an extended CD/LP/Digital release through Voice Of The Unheard Records (Another Five Minutes, Fall Of Messiah, PAST……). Winter Dust is a band since November 2008, including four people called Marco and a Fabio, all from Padova, Italy. The band wanted to explore Post-rock landscapes though maintaining their hardcore punk background and melodic attitude.

After the auto-production ‘Existence’ in 2011 the band started a collaboration with VOTU Records from France, which brought to the first LP ‘Autumn Years’ in 2013. ‘Thresholds’ is the ideal prosecution of that path, but nevertheless is the band’s biggest step to a unique and more obscure, though more hopeful sound. Their songs start from an enveloping piano melody and structure, surrounded by airy soundscapes and violent, solid explosions. Vocals appear when unexpected, and then come back to the depths.