Welsh Blues Rockers Buffalo Summer Reveal Album Sampler and Behind-The-Scenes Interview


unnamed (1)Southern Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer recently announced their signing with the home of legends, UDR Music, and the release of their upcoming classic blues/soul rock-influenced record Second Sun, out May 20, 2016.

Buffalo Summer bristles with warm, rich old-school tones, churning out big, bluesy, southern-tinged rock with riffs and melodies that refuse to leave your body or brain. Their reputation as one of the most electric new live rock bands in Europe has seen them share gigs with the likes of Duff McKagan, Ugly Kid Joe, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. Hailing from South Wales, guitarist Jonny Williams, vocalist Andrew Hunt, drummer Gareth Hunt and bassist Darren King walk with giants in both action and attitude, evoking the days when classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Free and Whitesnake strode stages like lions, yet with infusions of contemporary legends such as The Black Crowes, Alice In Chains and even a little dash of Jack White.

Right now, you can watch a Buffalo Summer video that includes snippets of each song on Second Sun, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews with the band at their studio. The interviews detail the band’s writing process on this album, how they connected with producer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, REM, Queens of The Stone Age, Walking Papers), and other subjects.

Buffalo Summer – Second Sun track listing:

1. Money 1
2. Heartbreakin’ Floorshakin’
3. Make You Mine
4. Neverend
5. As High As The Pines
6. Light Of The Sun
7. Levitate
8. Into Your Head
9. Little Charles
10. Priscilla
11. Bird On A Wire
12. Water To Wine