Italian Thrash Ambassadors Extrema to Release “The Old School” EP


unnamed (5)Italian thrash-metal ambassadors Extrema first broke out onto the metal scene in 1985 – regarded to this day as one of the best live acts to ever emerge from their home country. Now, Extrema is ready to unleash their latest offering and follow up to 2013’s The Seed of Foolishness, entitled The Old School EP, out May 27, 2016 via Punishment 18 Records. Vocalist G.L. Perotti and co. have churned out a classic metal burner featuring five tracks originally written during the band’s heyday – primarily unheard as finished recordings until now.

The Old School EP is available for pre-order now via CD, limited edition vinyl (only 250 copies available) and iTunes digital versions.

The Old School EP embodies the spirit, immediacy and brutality of the years in which its tracks were originally written, accented by fresh, pummelling production. Recorded last year at Fear Studios in Alfonsine (Ravenna, Italy) with The Seed of Foolishness producer Gabry Ravaglia, these tracks do not just prompt the “old school” cliché – they are the real deal – recorded in classic brutal fashion with only minimal writing tweaks.

All five tracks were originally written in 1987, shortly after the release of Extrema’s We Fuckin ‘ Care EP. Only one of these songs saw the light on an album – “Life” was originally released in 1993 on the band’s first full-length album Tension at the Seams. The track has been re-recorded for The Old School EP in addition to tracks the band is known for performing live-only or releasing as raw demos on rare tapes, including “Child Abuse”, the instrumental “M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O”, “Tribal Scream” and “Carcasses”.

In addition to those tracks, The Old School EP will feature two bonus tracks, including live versions of “Life” and Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades”, both recorded in Rome, Italy.

Extrema – The Old School EP track listing:

01. Life
02. Carcasses (feat. Ralph Salati of Destrage)
03. Tribal Scream
04. Child Abuse
05. M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O. (feat. Bob Capka, formerly of Vicious Rumours)
06. Life (Live in Rome)
07. Ace of Spades (Live in Rome)