Raptor King is back with his new Ep “Dinocalypse”


Raptor King will release his new EP “Dinocalypse” on February, 13. It was four o’clock in the afternoon and no, it was not tea time. It was precisely at this hour that Raptor V woke up from a Whisky, blunts and twerking whores filled night. But today the king, who has already survived from a meteor that destroyed his world 74 million years ago, is witnessing for the first time in his life: chaos… an absolute chaos.

His first reaction is sadness and fear of not being strong enough… Then it comes his second reaction, wich is to jerk off in front of the apocalyptic landscape… And finally his third reaction, is obviously to contact his faithful acolytes: Nightsmoke and Don Coco. Then, comes the news…

Something horrible has happened. Or maybe somebody… Pelletor. A gigantic creature had shovel up the entire earth. Leaving Raptor King with no fans to please, no booze to drink and no thick as fuck booty to eat. It is the time for the fearless trio, to reunite in their land at the Pont de Sèvres in Boulogne-Billancourt, the last arch of our civilisation who’s almost intact… to think of a plan to defeat Pelletor.