Saille releases new video ‘Aklo’ and signs with Old Empire management


SailleBelgium’s epic black metallers Saille have released a new video for ‘Aklo’, a track taken from their acclaimed and most recent album ‘Eldritch’, which was released via Code666 records in November 2014. The video itself was shot under the auspices of Sam Velghe and recorded last May.

Sam Velghe comments: “As always I try to visualise the atmosphere and feel of a certain song in my videos. A song like ‘Aklo’ wants to be recorded and edited in a basic, raw way without the use of tripods, sliders or steadycam. The song dynamics are reflected in the energetic movement of the band members and the backlight enhances the dark and emphasises the song.

The additional slow motion parts contribute to the mystery of ‘Aklo’ and the story behind the lyrics. This video is all about performance, but in a different way than Saille is usually seen, with lightshow and bigger stages. This is pure, raw and dark, as the song, as it should be”Saille’s increasing number of international shows brought them to Deserfest London last year. Steve Tefis of Old Empire booking & management was impressed by their performance and offered a collaboration deal.

Steve Tefis comments “Saille is one of the bands that know how to deliver. They’re hard-working, modest and nice to have some beers with. But most of all their music and performance are noteworthy and impeccable. This quality and attitude matches the ideals we have here at Old Empire, so it was more than logical to do business with this band”.

Saille founder Dries Gaerdelen adds, “Collaborating with Old Empire Management is the next step for Saille, and it feels like the right thing to do. Steve and Josh are a great team and their advice and knowledge should help us develop and spread our epic black metal!”.

Eldritch is the third full length album the band have released via Code666 Records and undoubtedly their most successful. Saille have been touring all across Europe over this last six months and show no signs of stopping having scheduled several festival appearances lined up over the coming months which can be seen below.

9th Aug – Bloodstock Open Air (UK)
22nd Aug – Tattoofest (NL)
29th Aug – Headbangers Desaster Fest (AT)
5th Sep – Occultfest (NL)
12th Sep – Solarfall Fest (NL)
27th Mar – Dark Easter Metal Meeting (DE)