Murky Red launches single/video ‘Pixelated friends’


Last year the Belgian prog rock band Murky Red launched their album ‘No pocus without hocus’. At that time, only available as download. Now also available as hard copy (under the label of Melodic Revolution Records). This is a limited edition with three bonus tracks.  Such a special edition needs a single/video launch. The first single, Pixelated friends, with video is out now. Singer/multi instrumentalist Stef Flaming is the creative mastermind behind this video.

With enough creativity, no big budgets are needed to produce a wacky videoclip. The inspiration just kept coming. With a lot of patience and often in the middle of the night, he has made this video. The beginning might be not convincing. That’ll change along the way.

The blue running man is his own cartoon version. A stop motion piece. Made by Stef at his own wacky way. The idea of the singing eggs popped into his head. Making a video of this was easier said then done. Only the eyes and the mouth should be visible, so he had to mask . Those images were mounted on the eggs. It took tons of work before everything was perfect.