New metallabel Pt78 started in the Netherlands


The Netherlands, home of some of the best rockbands in the world, gave birth of a new metal label. Wayland Management and Indieplant present Pt78, a new metallabel, build by experienced people. It’s 2018 and the world needs a new look upon the extreme music scene. Nowadays the masses buy fake computerized music that is created by musicians that look more attractive than your girlfriend whilst wearing a low quality counterfeit Slayer or Ramones shirt that was sponsored exclusively by Hennes & Mauritz.

Heavy Metal has become a fucking joke. Desperate housewifes whistling and humming along on radio tunes of metal defining bands like Metallica when they pouring out their contemporary sugar sweet songs on commercial radio. Where’s the blood, where’s the horror, where’s the gore? Where’s the comradery that binds the scene together? Where are the genuine musicians that deserve the ears they don’t get at the regular record companies because they are not the flavour of the month?

“With “Pt78 Records” (chemical name for Platinum) we go back to the basics. We enjoy working with bands that have passion for music in general and heavy metal in all of its glorious shades in particular. We are a new Dutch company, but behind the scenes there’s a group of experienced individuals and companies (Wayland Management and Indieplant) that are willing to make a change. We want to grow with the bands we are supporting. In short: we are what we are and we love what we do.” – Pt78 Records.

With a worldwide publishing and distribution network, band management and all related services they can offer a great platform for the beginning and experienced artists. So even if you are not “the flavour of the month” and not “better looking than your girlfriend” but your music kicks ass than check them out, you will hear from Pt78 Records soon. ​