Winter’s Verge unveil new YouTube Channel!


Cyprus’s melodic Power Metal pioneers Winter’s Verge are taking their YouTube channel to the next level with WV TV, a multidimensional and probing look into the band’s musical and conceptual depths.
Winters Verge

While Winter’s Verge has always had a predisposition towards compelling, story-oriented lyrics and imagery, the band is now embarking on the ambitious project of unifying those stories into a cohesive, spellbinding world, combining their own musical efforts with the talents of scriptwriters, animators and illustrators to create an epic, exquisite, intricately fabricated audiovisual saga. This begins with the chronicles of Adamar, a tragically afflicted figure from the Kingdom of Calithorn, who’s been a recurring character in Winter’s Verge’s releases.

In addition to their more striking cinematic additions, the new channel also provides fans with behind-the-scenes glimpses of the band’s activities, with commentary aimed at revealing the guys’ colorful personas. With six new videos posted within a week, the offering includes rehearsal footage, acoustic renditions, and instructional sessions with tablature.

Recently Winter’s Verge released their fourth album “IV” as an independent release.