Amenra – Belgian Post-Metal Collective Share Tool’s Cover Song From “Alive” LP


AmenraOn the same day Amenra play an acoustic set at Roadburn Festival, presenting their live and entirely acoustic new album “Alive”, the Belgian post-metal collective have shared a new song from the record, a cover of Tool’s original “Parabol”.

About this cover song, vocalist Colin H Van Eeckhout commented: “One cannot deny that Tool has always been a huge influence to us and me as a singer. They wrote albums, slowly, scarce, but when they released an album, it felt like they had written it especially for me. It’s seems there was always a perfect timing, for instance they released “Lateralus” on the 15th of May 2001, my 22nd birthday and on the same day I buried my father. The song “Parabol” perfectly described the wake, five nights before, the moment he died in my arms and the words that went through my head that instant.”

Previously, the group have unveiled their acoustic version for “The Longest Night”. Colin H Van Eeckhout tells the story behind this song: “We wrote this track during a rehearsal for the concert we were going to play at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels, BE) last year. Femke joined us for vocals and violins, which gave us a much broader spectrum and more possibilities. The track grew organically. Nobody really wrote something at home; the guitar melody just came along. Around that time I was talking a lot with a friend of the ‘family’. Love tested him, and he was fighting an interior battle, being torn between old love and new love, future and past.“

In 2009, Amenra released the beautiful and fragile EP “Afterlife”, meant as a musical testament for future generations. The acoustic tracks that made up this EP showed a very different aspect of the band, but also proved that in any incarnation Amenra connects on a deeply emotional level with its audience. The acoustic album kept on lingering in the background, and it was only a matter of time for the band to revisit the acoustic approach of the EP. In 2014 Amenra again showed their most vulnerable side on different stages and this new album simply titled “Alive” collects live recordings of old and new acoustic renditions of Amenra tracks, but it also harbors the collaboration with Belgian poet Sofie Verdoodt and two bone chilling covers.