Blurred Vision – Democracy single release


On the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump the English band Blurred Vision releases their new single ‘Democracy’. Frontman singer/guitarist Sepp Osley says: “This is based on a coincidence that only the rock gods can explain”. When you are familiar with Blurred Vision, you understand the bitter undertone. Because the roots of Sepp and his brother Sohl (bassist) are in Iran. The band name is well chosen. The songs are lyrically driven with focus on politics, religion and freedom. Or just about the absence of freedom. They play a mix of progressive and psychedelic pop rock. Blurred Vision launched their debut album ‘Organized Insanity’ in April 2015. This album was internationally well received. Later this year, they will release their second album. Also these topics will come back here. In order to alleviate the wait Blurred Vision brings the single ‘ Democracy’. This starts with an up tempo mix of dance and rock. At first you might think that this is a ‘happy song’. But appearances are deceiving: there is absolutely no joy in Sepp’s voice. No wonder, because one of the first sentences is:

“Bombs, guns, daughters and sons fighting for empty promises…”

The grim way Sepp can be seen in the video underlines the text even more

‘Democracy’ is a beautiful, probing single. And lingers in your head, partly because of the tight drumming of Ben Riley. My curiosity to the album is now even bigger. The artwork connects perfectly with the lyrics too. Hugh Syme catched the apparent democracy in powerful artwork.