Bastardizer – Enforcers Of Evil


“Welcome to the forest, bitch. You’re gonna fucking die!” Australian droogs Bastardizer who, since their inception in 2013, have been steadily churning out what they call “Black Thrash & Roll” have recently teamed up with Carvetii Productions to reissue their nefarious debut “Enforcers Of Evil” on cassette.

Loaded with thrashy black riffs, ‘Philthy’ drumming and some very dirty rock and roll this is a highly blasphemous, perverse and incredibly enjoyable record with vocalist Chris Beesley adding even more ‘venom’ to the mix with his – Lemmy meets Black Metal – snarls.

Songs like “Pentagram of Pleasure” and “Bareback In Brazil/Baphomet’s Bukkake” (best.title.ever) are built around a fast/slow dynamic while opener “Bastards, Bullets, Bitches & Beer” and title track “Enforcers Of Evil” are an all-out, rapid-fire, assault on the senses. Add to this the fact that Bastardizer can write catchy, memorable songs like “Bathory & Lust” “WWIII” and the slow, grinding “The Belanglo Bastard” then what you have here is joyous excursion into a subgenre of Metal that I for one will definitely be paying more attention to in the future.

“Enforcers Of Evil” is a shameless celebration of Satan, Sex and Rock & Roll that will surely have fans of Heretic, Motörhead and Venom cracking open a beer and annoying their neighbours. (8/10) (Hells Vomit Productions)