Status Quo announced as first headliner of Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival in Belgium


Fans of the harder guitar work can go to the eleventh edition from Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August 2018 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Opening Friday was a roaring success last year so they’re more than happy to kick off the 2018 edition on Friday 10 August with a great headliner: Status Quo!

Status Quo, the band of co-founder and guitarist/vocalist Francis Rossi, have long since earned their place as one of the biggest icons in rock history. With a stellar career that spans over half a century they have nothing left to prove. The tragic demise of Rick Parfitt in late 2016 was a crushing blow and for a while there, the band’s future hung in the balance until a suitable replacement was found in Irish guitarist Richie Malone. The new line-up rocks like a hurricane: the infusion of new blood has reinvigorated the band and 68-year-old Francis Rossi is still firing on all cylinders: even after 50+ years the storm that is Status Quo is showing no signs of slowing down.

Racking up more than 60 hits, they are easily the most successful rock band in UK history, with no fewer than 22 charting in the top ten. The Prison Stage is the perfect setting for feel-good boogie rock classics like ‘Down Down’, ‘Whatever You Want, ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ or their greatest hit ‘Roll Over Lay Down’ and we can just picture those blissful faces in front of the prison stage…