Breaking the Chains – We are breaking the chains


Breaking The Chains was founded by multi-instrumentalist Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex Pain of Salvation). This special rock project has the mission to raise awareness of all forms of child abuse. But especially to break this pattern. With this project the work of the non-profit organization B.A.CA. = Bikers Against Child Abuse is supported. No less than 46 fantastic Dutch musicians cooperated selfless on this project. All profits from CD and merchandise sales benefit the abused children. Bikers and rockers have united because: together we are strong!

‘Superhero’ has a calm intro with acoustic guitar. The first words catch you immediately. This voice touches you, especially in combination with the music. You see a lonely child walking, head down and deeply unhappy inside. In the thoughts about what this child wants, rock comes in slowly but surely. Pace and volume go down again. When the rock returns, it is ‘spicier’ than the first piece. Here you hear marvelous screaming guitar playing, in which heavier strings sound through. Meanwhile you hear dynamics in drumming. This opening track ends nice and quiet, but the end is cut off too early.

‘Believe in Me’ begins with classical influences. The build-up to rock is not surprising, but attractive. In music there is harmony between light and heavy parts. The female vocals fit in perfectly with that. Vocals and music form a unity. This is a good example of teamwork! That teamwork ensures the balance, you hear it in all the tracks. The balance is not only between vocals and music, but also in terms of lyrics, which mainly express strength and hope. There is a nice variation between the ‘spicy’ rock songs and the songs in which classical instruments are used. Strings are woven into ‘Breathe Again’. This is done in such a way that it remains accessible to a group of rock enthusiasts.

The title track has a quiet instrumental intro. The vocals are small and sensitive. I get goose bumps because of the color of the voice in combination with the words and the music. The stacked layers form a fantastic mix. The changes to a heavier rock part, and back to small played is sublime. The touch of classic is beautifully added.
It is quite right that this is the title track.

The background vocals in ‘Shattered Lives’ are a bit sweet but form a counterweight to the pleasant rough vocals.
After this there are two rock tracks. Then there is a good contrast with ‘Silent Win’. This is sung and played minimalistic. The vocals have a slightly rough edge but are filled with kindness. These words, together with the music, give a feeling of trust and comfort. This subdued track is a beautiful ending, which should have lasted longer.

Some songs have just been cut off too soon. Furthermore, much praise. In all songs there are beautiful and striking things in terms of song or music. For example: the vocal excerpt in ‘Valley Road’ Boy, what a voice! In ‘Solid Ground’ the delicious organ play is noticeable. With such a mega line-up you run the risk of getting over the top. But that is absolutely not the case here. The harmony between the instruments, and between singing and music has remained. All vocals sound nice together. Despite the deeply loaded subject, these tracks are no ‘heavy stuff’. You will certainly be hit occasionally. But the optimism and the power prevail. All this makes ‘We are breaking the chains’ a wonderful and accessible rock album. (88/100, Own management)

Tracklist We are breaking the chains:

01 Superhero [5.13]
02 Angel on Wheels [5.29]
03 Believe in Me [5.00]
04 Follow My Way [3.35]
05 Valley Road [3.40]
06 Breath Again [3.34]
07 Endless Rain [3.49]
08 Cold Hands, Warm Heart [4.46]
09 Breaking the Chains [4.37]
10 Shattered Lives [4.16]
11 Solid Ground [4.21]
12 Ghost of your Past [3.50]
13 Silent Win [3.16]

Line up Breaking the Chains:

Robert Soetebeek, Marjan Welman, John Jaycee Cuijpers, Irene Jansen, Wudstik, Ian Parry, Marieke Bresseleers, Jan Willem Ketelaers, Margriet Mol, Martin van der Meyde, Petra Honing, Jasper Roelofsen

Timo Somers, Ruud Jolie, Frank Schiphorst, Eric Hazebroek, Bart Hennephof, Joe Tal, Rock Bouwman, Jan Bechtum, Sebas Honing, Marcel Coenen

Ed Warby, Mike Coolen, Dirk Bruinenberg, Ivar de Graaf, Collin Leijenaar, Karin Mol, Arno te Loo, Robert Spanninks

Johan van Stratum, Jan Bijlsma, Rob van der Loo, Peter Vink, Robin Zielhorst, Harry den Hartog, Kristoffer Gildenlöw

Ton Scherpenzeel, Mannon van der Hidde, Robby Valentine

Ben Mathot, Anne Bakker, Maaike Peterse, Jeroen Goossens