Banane Metalik brings out the best of metal


20160114 - GebrDeNobel - Banane Metalic - 002 On Thursday the 14th of January Gebr. de Nobel Leiden (Netherlands) programmed an in between tour schedule show of Banane Metalik with support from Dutch band The Sensational Second Cousins. The risk of booking a show on such a short notice is that you are not able to draw as much public as you would like and so it happened that around the 40 customers found their way to the venue. Doors opened at 20:00 and the crowd waited and waited for the show to start. Finally at 21:30 the show started and without any explanation from the organization it seemed the support act cancelled the show.

20160114 - GebrDeNobel - Banane Metalic - 001

Banane Metalik is a french psychobilly band founded in the late 80’s and are known for their bloodthirsty show’s based on horrifying characters and their performance on stage is a real feast for the eyes. All band members are wearing masks combined with the great light set up this night brought an enjoyable sight on stage. In September 2015 they released their ‘The Gorefather’ EP and to celebrate the release they want on tour. Musically the guys present a mixture of punk and psychobilly brought with a lot of energy and enthusiasm on stage which is a guarantee for a great party. Immediately after the start of the first song ‘Vace Retro’ the vocalist Ced666 went of stage and kept going on and of stage interacting with the crowd. Face to face contact with almost every person in the venue in an attempt to draw the audience into his party while the band played their tunes on stage and he partly succeed a small pit was formed. Great songs like ‘Pussycat’, ‘Ride In Piece’ and ‘Strip Or Die’, causing torn t-shirts, passed by as well as songs from their latest ep. With or without support act it didn’t seem to bother Banane Metalik cause they partied without any limitation and produced what was expected of them.

20160114 - GebrDeNobel - Banane Metalic - 003

A great show which deserved a bigger crowd and a bigger crowd is what they will get because the next show in Utrecht is sold out when Banane Metalik is supporting Peter Pan Speedrock’ farewell gig.

Photo’s (c) Coen Bastiaanssen