Impressive shows Marduk and Immolation in P60


On Saturday the 14th of May an impressive line up was programmed at P60 Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Swedish black metal band Marduk is currently touring Europe in their fourth leg of the ‘Frontschwein’ tour. After their Dutch visit with support of Belphegor in February 2015 they brought a big line-up to Amstelveen on the 4th leg with Greek thrashers Bio-Cancer and two American death metal bands, Origin and death metal icons Immolation.

The Greek thrashers of Bio-Cancer opened the evening, a performance full of energy and passion. Half an hour of modern thrash with songs from their latest album ‘Tormenting the Innocent’. A real treat for all headbangers in the venue and for all who could appreciate the brutal high pitch vocals coming from frontman Lefteris “Possessed” Hatziandreou. Bio-Cancer brought a nice show and was a good warm up for what was to come.

Next up was Origin the American technical death metal band from Topeka, Kansas. This show was a complete different story. Brutal songs from the latest album ‘Omnipresent’ like ‘All Things Dead’ and ‘Unattainable Zero’ came by in an enormous speed. Great technical songs with brutal vocals and the public was entertained until the very last second. Origin produced an enjoyable show, three quarters of an hour of brutal fury.

New York based Immolation, was one of the bands the public was looking out to. Immolation did not forsook and brought a fine set of death metal. Great songs from their debuut record released in 1991 like ‘Into Everlasting Fire’ and more recent tracks like ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ and ‘Echoes of Despair’ past by and pleasured the crowd. With an exceptional energetic guitarist in Robert Vigna, waving and slamming is guitar around attracting the attention of the crowd. An absolute frontman in Ross Dolan, who was able to get and keep the attention from the public and produced a great show. Immolation was certainly one of the highlights of this evening.

Marduk, back in The Netherlands for their 4th leg of their ‘Frontschwein’ tour. The Swedish blackmetallers have been on tour for almost two years crear=ting death and destruction in almost every far corner on the globe. Off course they opened with their title track ‘Frontschwein’ immediately followed by their “ballad” ‘The Blond Beast’. Horns Up and headbangend, the Amstelveen crowd enjoyed the set with top songs like ‘Afrika’, ‘Souls for Belial’ and ‘Panzer Division Marduk’. Vocalist and frontman Mortuus enjoyed himself and although this wasn’t the most brutal Marduk show ever, most of the crowd enjoyed the set and show.

An end came to a wonderful evening of brutal extreme metal in P60 Amstelveen.

Pictures © Dirk van den Heuvel