Pain of Salvation: a great evening, full of emotions and joy in Leiden


Meeting face-to-face with some life-threatening situations, such as an attack of scary flesh-eating bacterias, can be a tough job and one has to gather all the strength to overcome it. It’s fair to say, that people rarely come back the same from battles as such, and Daniel Gildenlow, the mastermind behind Pain of Salvation, is probably not an exception. Fortunately, his battle was quite successful and the band regained its dynamics with the release of an album ‘In The Passing Light of Day’ and a tour that followed. On 15th of April, the beautiful town of Leiden, The Netherlands, welcomed the band at Gebr. De Nobel venue.

The event was sold out and a decent queue was already present at the entrance half an hour before the open doors. Sweden’s Port Noir were to open the evening, plunging into the set without any hesitations. The audience seemed to appreciate the music of a band and cheered and supported them throughout 8-song set-list. This was one of those openers, that not only warmed up the public but also was very fitting stylistically-wise.

And after a short changeover, the lights went dark in anticipation of the arrival of the main event of the evening. And, as is right and proper for, the show began with a heavy, but melodic, trio of tracks from the new album. ‘Full Throttle Tribe’, ‘Reasons’ and ‘Meaningless’, all seemed to broadcast particular emotions, would that be anger and frustration or fear and hope. Following the lively start, time was right to revisit times of ‘Remedy Lane’ and ‘Road Salt’ albums, which the band did by performing the quintessential tracks of the era, them being ‘Linoleum’ and ‘Rope Ends’ and few others.

And of course, the night wouldn’t be right without a gentle touch of lyrical notions of tracks ‘Ashes’ and Silent Gold’, that slowly led to the encore. And rightfully so, what could’ve been the better song to wrap it up, if not the title track of the last album, ‘The Passing Light of Day’, that seemed to put everything band went through lately into itself.

This wrapped a great evening, full of emotions and joy, with a very uplifting story been told from the stage. It was very visible, that the band was purely honest in its performance, giving it all from the minute one, as if trying to say “No matter what, we’re here and we’re standing strong”.

Pictures (C) Kick Verhaegen