Stahlzeit put Rodahal on fire


Stahlzeit (4)Far to the south of the Netherlands in Kerkrade, is a robust room: the Rodahal. Situated next to the German en Belgian border the Rodahal usualy is a melting pot of nationalities, including of course many Germans and Belgians. Indeed, it is only a small step towards the border. Up from the distant Dutch provinces of Zeeland and Groningen people traveled to see headliner Stahlzeit. AC in DC and Present Danger were supporting, a small European unification, music fraternized.

Stahlzeit (4)

Just after 19:00, young dogs Present Danger had to start the evening. Well, young ?! The band exists already for 20 years. Usually these metal band plays a combination of their own work and that of Metallica. The band played fanatically and was in contact with the audience quite often, literally difficult to achieve. The audience was held at great distance from the stage by huge barriers. This is of course with the high-risk fire (work) act of Stahlzeit in mind. Unfortunately, some improvised banner with the band’s name in front of the stage didn’t show professionality. Something the act itself did though.

Present Danger

AC in DC, as the name suggests, is an AC / DC tribute band from the Netherlands. The band was visibly struggling to bring his show among all pre-prepared vocational materials needed for the main act. Voice, sound and movement are well adjusted to the real AC / DC, but he augience got the feeling of a staged charade. Members of AC / DC are all old hands in the rockers box; the members of AC in DC are just rookies. The youthful bravoure might be a pitfall for the band but the lineup of the evening was programmed correctly.

AC in DC

After two supports of metal and rock, around ten o’clock it was the start of the biggest act. The corresponding explosions and fireworks were starting Stahlzeit, one of the leading Rammstein tribute bands. The Rodahal was shaking on its foundation the next few hours. With a combination of stunning similarity in appearance, voice and action by frontman Till Lindemann, singer Heli and his comrades performed a great warm-up concert for the arrival of Rammstein gig at Pinkpop.

Stahlzeit (1)

Three good rock cover bands behind the other made this evening a bit like a small festival. Everyone came for his or her own band. Just like a festival show the concerts always starts going slowly. But when it comes, it goes well. From the beginning the hall was well filled. In a packed sold Rodahal many rock fans enjoyed two promising starters and extremely delicious main course.

Stahlzeit (3)